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Howdy! Welcome to InvestMoneyLab.com.

I set up this blog with the original intention to force myself to document down my analysis about the stock market and money investment. Writing down in words force me to think and learn from my successes and mistakes.

To be successful in investment and making money, I believe we all need to constantly upgrade ourselves to learn and practice what we learned. Just like Tiger Wood still need a coach though he is now the best golfer. However, many of us could not afford  to have personal coach to guide us individually in the money investment techniques or skills.

How can we learn and upgrade our techniques and skills then?

I believe the best way to learn new skills and pick up new knowledge is through sharing and interaction with peer. We learn from each other on the success we made, the mistakes we made and everyone of us will become a better person.

Therefore, I have set a new vision to on this blog. I would like InvestMoneyLab to be the best place for everyone to learn and share about stock market and money investment. I welcome all comments and feedbacks you leave on this blog that will help all of us to learn together.

If you think you are also passionate about writing and sharing your stock analysis or investment and you share the same vision as us. I would like to invite you to blog together in a team such that we can all interact and benefit everyone in the world. Do drop me a note in the comment below and I shall contact you to get your started.

I wish you success in your stock trading or investment journey.

DISCLAIMER: All the information provided in this blog is used for learning purposes only. Nothing herein should be interpreted as personalized investment advice. It does not constitute an offer or solicitation to buy or sell. You should do your own analysis on top of my postings. You are solely responsibility for any investment decisions you make.

5 responses to “About Us”

  1. Mega

    How would we blog as a team? using RSS feeds or what else?

  2. KP

    Hi Mega,

    I am glad that you first person asking about this. I have the intention to turn this blog into a platform for a team of bloggers to post and learn together about invest money in stock market.

    What I cam do is to create an author account for you to start blogging on this site.

  3. Hedge Thing

    KP – very good idea to put your thoughts and investment reasoning down in a blog as you learn and practice, as you put it. Wish I could’ve done that when I started (many many years ago)! Very good discipline.
    As a market professional, it would not be appropriate for me to participate in yours as an author, but would be happy to drop by from time to time and leave comments.
    Good luck!

  4. KP

    Hi HT,

    Welcome to InvestMoneyLab. I am still learning and I wish everyone who like to learn about investment or trading can have a trading journal.

    Do drop by often and appreciate your feedback to help me improving myself.

  5. Taro

    I am a novice invester and looking forward to learn some good experience from all the master here. Is now a good time to invest in the stock market?

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